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Debbie Evans
Debbie Evans, veteran of hundreds of motion-picture, television, and commercial stunts has been featured in numerous publications such as the LA Times, Reader's Digest, Glamour Magazine, Cycle World, Dirtbike, and on television shows like Montel, ESPN, Winning Women, and Entertainment Tonight.

Debbie Evans wins the Taurus
Debbie Evans in The Matrix Reloaded
Debbie was inducted October 2003 into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. She has been awarded for her work on Taxi in 2005, The Matrix Reloaded in 2004 Taurus World Stunt Awards in the category "Best Overall Stunt by a Stuntwoman," previously winning two Taurus awards in 2002 for driving a Honda Civic under a moving semi-truck in The Fast and the Furious.

Debbie Evans is considered one of Hollywood's top stuntwomen. She was the unnofficial 1976-80 women's world motorcycle trials champion. Her stunt career began when she was just 18 years old and she was called to do a motorcycle jump over a 30-foot ravine for the movie Death Sport. Since then she has been in over 200 movies and TV shows. Her career really launched when she tied for second overall in the CBS Stunt Competition as the only female competitor. Since then she has pioneered stuntwork for women, doing stunts that at one time only men were allowed to do (everything from cannon rolls to car hits). She has done just about every type of stunt imaginable, including setting the world long and high jump records for an airramp.

In 1998 Debbie came out of an extended retirement from competitive motorcycling to become America's Top Rider in the FIM Women's World Championship, currently sponsored by Sherco and Ryan Young Products. In 2002 she raced road bikes at Daytona. Debbie is married to Lane Leavitt, her motorcycle trials sweetheart, and has 3 children, proving that a woman can balance career, sport, and family life all at the same time.
Debbie Evans driving in The Fast and the Furious

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